The Monster Without

“Ready to go, Chip?”

“Sure thing, Pop.” This was going to be a special “just us” trip outside, just me and my Pop. I felt all grown up, even though I was still a ‘tween. I’d lived a sheltered life, here at the house with Mother and my brothers and sisters; I’d never even been outside to play yet. I was ready for an adventure!

“Well, don’t just stand there dawdling. Lunch isn’t going to eat itself, you know!”

I followed Pop out of our small, but comfortable, house into the sunshine of an already warm June day. Mother stayed behind, curled up on her bed, surrounded by my siblings. “Be safe, my darlings!” she called after us.

Pop stopped, a horrified look on his face. “What’s wrong, Pop?” I asked.

“The neighbors house. My goodness, I just saw them yesterday! There’s nothing left!” Continue reading