Amy M. Levy, Welcome to River Street and other stories, Fey Publishing LTD, Summer 2010.

Sophie N. Childs, editor, Idol Musings: Selected Writings From an Online Writing Competition, Fey Publishing LTD, Dec 2009.

  • Glass Ceiling
  • Solidarity
  • Best Laid Plans
  • Dappling
  • Charlie’s War

Amy M. Levy and Raphael Finkel, Measure of Efficiency on Heterogeneous Machines, UK CS Technical Report 217-97, May 1997 (ps) (University of Kentucky Unify Project)

type = "Technical Report",
number = "CS-217-97",
institution = "University of Kentucky",
title = "Measure of Efficiency on Heterogeneous Machines",
month = may # " 5,",
year = "1997",
bibdate = "November 7, 97",
URL = "",
author = "Amy M. Levy and Raphael Finkel",
abstract = "Measuring machine performance within a network,
especially with regard to parallelized applications, is
an important issue. In this paper we examine the
problem of computing the efficiency of distributed
computations when executed on a heterogeneous mix of
machines. We propose the calculation of {\em effective
efficiency}, which is based upon the effective number
of processors involved in the computation rather than
the actual number of machines. Our experiments show
that effective efficiency is a more realistic
measurement of heterogeneous processors performance
than traditional efficiency. Effective efficiency can
be used to evaluate various cluster configurations with
respect to a specific application or evaluate
applications with respect to a fixed configuration.",

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