The Monster Without

“Ready to go, Chip?”

“Sure thing, Pop.” This was going to be a special “just us” trip outside, just me and my Pop. I felt all grown up, even though I was still a ‘tween. I’d lived a sheltered life, here at the house with Mother and my brothers and sisters; I’d never even been outside to play yet. I was ready for an adventure!

“Well, don’t just stand there dawdling. Lunch isn’t going to eat itself, you know!”

I followed Pop out of our small, but comfortable, house into the sunshine of an already warm June day. Mother stayed behind, curled up on her bed, surrounded by my siblings. “Be safe, my darlings!” she called after us.

Pop stopped, a horrified look on his face. “What’s wrong, Pop?” I asked.

“The neighbors house. My goodness, I just saw them yesterday! There’s nothing left!” Continue reading

Personal Update

I haven’t been feeling particularly creative lately.  My mind has been focused on other things, but I’m not abandoning anything!  There is still this character trying to get me to write her story (I am avoiding her, don’t tell her you saw me, ok?).  Meanwhile, another idea came to me last night, almost whole cloth.

My camera has been busy taking photos of the wild night life around here.  The results are not for the squeamish, though.  You have been warned.


I’m a cheating hussy and my husband couldn’t be more glad of that fact.  Now, y’all might be scratching your heads at that one, but trust me, it’s the God’s honest truth.

You see, when I met the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, I was already married to a low-down, no-good skunk of a guy who didn’t know how to treat me right. Sure, he cooked me dinner once in a while. Yes, he took pretty good care of our kids.  But that same man had a terrible temper; and he liked to take that temper out on my nice things, throwing them and whatnot.  To make sure that I never thought more of myself, him knowing that I was the smarter of the two to begin with, he never missed a chance to put me in my place, especially in public. Them failed English majors sure do have a way with words sometimes.

When you added up all the fors and againsts, that scale came down pretty heavy on my leaving him, which is why, for some perverse reason, that man would do some strange things to try to keep me around.  Continue reading

NaPoWriMo #22 – Reverberates

You know that tune
“duh dun da-dum dum-da dah dun?”

It is the sound my door chime makes
Every time a salesperson calls
Or a package gets delivered
Or a neighbor stops by to say hello.

The button sticks.
Once it’s pressed it sings
“duh dun da-dum dum-da dah dun
“duh dun da-dum dum-da dah dun”
On every speaker
In every room of the house
Until someone goes to answer
And unsticks it.

Well, maybe you don’t know the tune.

My dog does, though.
At the first “duh dun”
He races for the stairs, tail flying high,
Ready to greet friend or foe
Where every foe is really just
A friend he hasn’t jumped on yet.

I have thought about posting a sign:
“No Solicitations!”
This is the season for
Driveway pavers, Penny savers,
“mow your lawn, ma’am?”
Peddlers of all shapes and sizes
Press that button
“duh dun da-dum dum-da dah dun”
All day long.

But it would do me no good, you see.
On every speaker,
In every room of the house,
“duh dun da-dum dum-da dah dun”
Even when there is no one at the door.

My dog doesn’t know the difference
Between the door chime
And National Public Radio’s programming bump.