WTRS Review Excerpts

There are two reviews of Welcome To River Street up at Amazon.com and I thought I would share excerpts from each.

Book-lover from New York, New York writes:

The novella moves quickly, going from the recent past to the present and back and forth again, reminiscent in style of “A Time Traveler’s Wife” — but this is not time traveling. Although not in chronological order, you are getting a background that leads up to the present while you are in the present. I refuse to give you the actual plot, because it reveals itself as it goes along. I don’t want to spoil the experience of reading it. You may still wonder about what happened after you finish reading the book. I do. I will certainly reread it.

MaineMom writes:

Welcome To River Street by Amy M. Levy is a must-read for fans of intriguing real-as-life fiction.

I read the main story in the book in just a few hours, absolutely hooked on the writing style which would not let me stop turning the pages until I was done. The title story back-tracks and fast-forwards a young lady’s journey and kept me thoroughly interested and entertained.

Book Launch!

Welcome To River Street is available for sale!

You may purchase a copy of the book directly from Fey Publishing LTD by visiting their website, clicking the “Buy a book” link, and then selecting “Welcome To River Street.” Fey Publishing accepts PayPal.

You may also purchase a signed copy from me through my sewing website. I accept both PayPal and Google Checkout. It may be a bit for me to ship your copy to you; I have to receive my stack first. However, I will send you an e-mail as soon as I do so you know your book is on its way.

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UPDATE: You can now purchase WTRS from Amazon.com

UPDATE: You can now purchase WTRS from Barnes and Noble.

UPDATE 8/25/10: I have copies available to send, although they are going quickly. Use the sewing website link above to order directly from me for a signed copy.

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I should really quit

my obsessions, they burn inside and

these tendrils and curls of smoke that

bring your face to mind

drift up and away from that bright red tip

like faded shadows

they are slowly killing me

with their insubstantiality

from within

they grow dimmer, they leave me

with each breath

wanting even more

that I take now

of what we once shared.

I am lost.