More WTRS comments

M. W. Castelao writes

I loved the first story, and hope to see more from this author. I liked the writing style and the quick pace.

Awolfe, 9/09/10

At first I was confused as to why the first story is presented out of order. However, once I got the hang of it I could see the reason in that it only added to the plot. I liked how it was written and it moves along. I also loved the other two stories, but the first one is really the winner.

LibraryThing Review

These comments are from madforbooks on LibraryThing who received a review copy of the book directly from me.  She left them in comments on my LibraryThing profile:

Michelle’s story kept my interest all the way to the end. … I think your ideas were great and it is plain to see you have talent for writing. I would love to see what you do next.

New WTRS Review Excerpt

I am literally bouncing in my chair over this new review of Welcome To River Street!

Tracy Evans writes:

Amy M. Levy’s first book is a treasure. If you’re a fan of good writing combined with good storylines, this book is a must. I would recommend it to anyone, especially people who like a little mystery and strangeness in their lives. Ms. Levy brings bewildering beauty to you via her words, and you’ll be left to roam the fantastical world of Michelle, Cynthia, and the woman downstairs. I can assure you that this book will be one you’ll reread, probably more than once. It’s just that good.

Please, go read the whole quote about the book.  It is wonderful!

Earl and Gloria

As Earl churns his way towards the Eastern Seaboard, states from South Carolina to Maine are on high alert, watching for signs of impeding stormy doom. The local newscasters have compared the preparations to those of twenty-five years ago, when Hurricane Gloria roared through.

In September of 1985, I was in the middle of a whirlwind of my own making. Gainfully employed, I was still making financially unsound decisions, racking up huge credit card debts at the ripe age of 19. Granted, I lived in a cheap, run-down apartment and I drove an old car, so my expenses were otherwise low. I also had a sugar daddy, of sorts.

I was involved with a man that I barely knew, but who made a great deal of money as a fisherman. AJ would be out at sea for seven to ten days, and then swoop in, unannounced, to my shabby place and take me out shopping, dancing, drinking, and lots of sex’ing. It wasn’t the healthiest of relationships, and a lot of bad stuff happened in later months between me and AJ, but in September we were still pretty new to each other, and tolerant of the faults.

As Gloria approached, the boats of the harbor moored up, rather than ride the storm out at sea. AJ invited me to ride along on the Grey Lady as she was moved from the offload facility to the protection of the dry dock. It was the first, and only, time I was on one of those huge fishing vessels (think The Deadliest Catch) and I loved every minute of it. AJ got one of the other crew members to loan me their oilskins, those yellow coats and pants, so I would even look the part.

Once AJ’s job on the boat was finished, a bunch of us piled into a car and drove out to Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth. The storm had started to build up by this time; the winds were whipping the waves into a froth, and the sound of water crashing onto rock was deafening. The wind was so strong, we may as well have been paper dolls.

Laughing, we grabbed the corners of our oilskins, one in each hand, and held them out like bat wings. We leaned forward, into the wind, eyes closed, oblivious to the sting of the salty spray. We jumped… and then we flew.

I can’t help but smile now, as interviewed tourists complain of ruined vacation plans and governors declare states of emergency. Hurricanes are dangerous, to be sure. Gloria wreaked havoc when she came through; Earl certainly has potential. But every whirlwind, no matter how dangerous, will also have its thrills. Storms with bright centers, and dangerous wraparounds. I learned that with Gloria. I eventually learned that with AJ, too.

New Leaf

I have made some new personal goals, one of which is to do some sort of writing, even if it is just a timed writing exercise, every single day. I did a quick timed writing exercise tonight, the goal being a complete, well-organized, topical essay in 30 minutes. It isn’t bad. I will post it in a moment; you the reader can be the judge.

Meanwhile, work on the official writing projects continues, slowly. Marketing for Welcome To River Street continues. I love the very short reviews I have received, but I am so greedy. I want more!

It has been interesting times lately. I hope to have less, and more so.