Brussels and Brugge

For the last week, I’ve been wandering around the streets of Brussels and Brugge, on my first vacation from the office in over a year. Being from the States, the sense of Old is almost overwhelming; I have no emotional frame of reference for architecture, for buildings that people are living in that are actually hundreds of years old.

Of course, I brought along my camera. The weather hasn’t been the most cooperative, but I have managed to take a few photos. Ok, more like 1300, but not all of them are post worthy. This it’s just a tiny sampling of what is to come… Unedited.

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Crashing waves on rocks

The sea, a foamy grey gauntlet of infinity, stretched out before its red-clad challenger.

Andi stopped swimming.

The sky reflected sea reflected sky: dark storm clouds layered, crossed, frothed in the ever-stronger wind. She no longer heard the rhythmic crashing of whipped-up waves striking against the sea wall rocks. The sea wall, and its proffered protection, were far behind her. She hated that sound.

Andi closed her eyes.

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December already?

The year has certainly flown by, hasn’t it?

I have been writing, and not just for work (although I have been doing a great deal of that… interesting in a dry and legal sort of way) I just haven’t been posting it here. I will try to move some of the more interesting, or at least entertaining, pieces over in the coming weeks.

If you are in a hurry, you can come see my work, as well as that of over a hundred other talented writers, while we battle it out in the grueling “Real LJ Idol” competition. (link). Part writing competition, part virtual reality television show, and part social network, it’s a place where writers get a taste of writing for an audience, get feedback, get to know each other, and maybe even get to publish their work.

Many former competitors, and even a few current ones, have taken what they’ve discovered about themselves during the competition and turned it into career changes, book deals, professional writing gigs… You get the idea.

I’m writing more poetry and fiction, for the most part and less personal narrative; a change for me, I guess. It’s good to branch out, I suppose.

So, things that have happened during the past year that are noteworthy:

  • I was promoted at work. Not such a big deal, all things considered, but it pleased me.
  • I earned my first sizable bonus, um, ever.
  • I suffered a kidney stone. That was fun, not.
  • I went on only one major trip, but I am trying to plan more.
  • I had two different photographs selected for exhibition; one is currently on display.
  • I volunteered to serve as chair for a committee on my neighborhood board.
  • I allowed something and it’s been issued.
  • I adopted another dog, then said goodbye to a very old and faithful friend.
  • I got an iPad 2.

Have a good holiday season, a joyful first night, and I will see you soon.

Fourth Of July

I owe some sort of update to this poor neglected thing. I hope to return to writing soon; I am sort of tired of hearing my friends tell me I work too much.

Meanwhile, how about a few photos from last night’s fireworks display? This was the first time I’d tried to take fireworks photos with this camera. I am rather pleased with the results. Roughly 10% of the pictures I took aren’t bad; a few are quite nice indeed.

Since I’d managed to manually snap over 550 shots in about 25 minutes (yes, the Fairfax, VA show had to have been nearly that long), the percentages work out about right.

I won’t bore you (like I did my coworkers) with all the photos, but maybe one or two?



No regrets

Fey Publishing and I have parted ways.

There is a long, convoluted reason for why, but I bear the company no ill will and wish them and their authors many years of success.

I pulled WTRS from publication. If you are still interested in obtaining a copy, I have a few left, and when they are gone, that’s it, unless I decide to release it again in a form I am happier with.