NaPoWriMo #5 – Three Clerihews

Watch out, my dear friend Gary
Celebrate not, or make it merry
The fates make lists to keep it balanced
Suffer catastrophes do the romanced

Get a job, my dearest child
The days are past when worlds ran wild
Internet and electric bills won’t accept
The mass of gold your players collect

Last and least, the wisest one
World traveled, bedraggled, wet-kissed-fun
Will you, won’t you, have the time
To do them all before wedding bells chime

Ok, these are kind of silly… but think of them as mini journal entries.

NaPoWriMo #4 – Resorting

The race
Controller shakes in hand
He laughs and teases my deep need
To win

Today’s poem is an example of a Cinquain. It is a very simple, very straight forward form. As for the subject matter, I’ve been playing Wii Resort a lot lately. I’ve managed to improve everything except my ability to control a wave board (including scoring 1250 at Frisbee Dog score, and -3 at Frisbee Golf). I keep practicing, though.

NaPoWriMo #3 – Irrelevant

In a virtual theatre
An audience of two
Sits riveted in their seats
Each daring the other
To yell

From your dancing fingertips
To their crying eyes

The words form themselves from smoke and mirrors
They explode into creation
Bitterness and sarcasm feed the flames
Poisonous jealousy adds a lovely flash of color
And before things get too hot
Vulnerability and victimization dampens
Without extinguishing

The movie fades to black

Return receipt received
So notified

Can’t take them back now
Those hurtful phrases
Tapped off in anger
Or shame
Or hurt

Words transmitted
Halfway around the world
Or around the block
Or even around
The corner of your room

The lights come up
The show is over
You go to bed

NaPoWriMo #2 – Mmm Mmm Good

A cup of this
A dash of that
Stir gently in the brainpan
A single grain of truth
Finely ground
Added to the mix
A signature dish

The best critic says
It is only half-baked
Loves the presentation
Had such promise
But the ending
Leaves a bad taste
The meal is ultimately

The question before the cook
Give someone else a sample
Or rework the recipe

NaPoWriMo #1 – The Ravens

Four Ravens circled
Above barely budded trees
Surveying nest sites

Paired building began
Twigs and leaves form the base of
Magnificent home

Finishing touches
Bits of string, a plastic bag
Tinsel gives sparkle

Future Raven’s child
Hatched beheld in beauty’s grip
One day flies alone