Bad blogger – no cookie

I could make all sorts of apologies, but the truth is I haven’t felt like keeping this old place up. I start with good intentions, but then another bright shiny comes along and whoosh, the good intentions are down the proverbial drain.

However, I do need single place to coordinate my many online presences, and honestly? I think this is the best place to do it.

So, the changes, they are a-coming. In the mean time, check out a few of my favorite photographs from Flickr. New images should be posted semi-regularly.

If you are here because I handed you a business card at a bar (sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it isn’t), welcome!

Fourth Of July

I owe some sort of update to this poor neglected thing. I hope to return to writing soon; I am sort of tired of hearing my friends tell me I work too much.

Meanwhile, how about a few photos from last night’s fireworks display? This was the first time I’d tried to take fireworks photos with this camera. I am rather pleased with the results. Roughly 10% of the pictures I took aren’t bad; a few are quite nice indeed.

Since I’d managed to manually snap over 550 shots in about 25 minutes (yes, the Fairfax, VA show had to have been nearly that long), the percentages work out about right.

I won’t bore you (like I did my coworkers) with all the photos, but maybe one or two?



New WTRS review

You can read the whole review over at (click the “What People Are Saying” link).  Here is the best part though:

Welcome To River Street is nothing if not suspenseful. Intriguingly crafted as a novella and two short stories, Levy’s mind-bending tale of curious mystery is guaranteed to stretch the imagination and confound any sense of logic and reason. Decidedly unconventional, Levy’s circuitous storytelling style is well suited to deliver such a disturbingly compelling account of fantastical strangeness, and she does a masterful job of suspending disbelief long enough to deliver one twisted, unexpected surprise after another. A highly engrossing read.

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4 stars

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New WTRS Review Excerpt

I am literally bouncing in my chair over this new review of Welcome To River Street!

Tracy Evans writes:

Amy M. Levy’s first book is a treasure. If you’re a fan of good writing combined with good storylines, this book is a must. I would recommend it to anyone, especially people who like a little mystery and strangeness in their lives. Ms. Levy brings bewildering beauty to you via her words, and you’ll be left to roam the fantastical world of Michelle, Cynthia, and the woman downstairs. I can assure you that this book will be one you’ll reread, probably more than once. It’s just that good.

Please, go read the whole quote about the book.  It is wonderful!