WTRS Review Excerpts

There are two reviews of Welcome To River Street up at Amazon.com and I thought I would share excerpts from each.

Book-lover from New York, New York writes:

The novella moves quickly, going from the recent past to the present and back and forth again, reminiscent in style of “A Time Traveler’s Wife” — but this is not time traveling. Although not in chronological order, you are getting a background that leads up to the present while you are in the present. I refuse to give you the actual plot, because it reveals itself as it goes along. I don’t want to spoil the experience of reading it. You may still wonder about what happened after you finish reading the book. I do. I will certainly reread it.

MaineMom writes:

Welcome To River Street by Amy M. Levy is a must-read for fans of intriguing real-as-life fiction.

I read the main story in the book in just a few hours, absolutely hooked on the writing style which would not let me stop turning the pages until I was done. The title story back-tracks and fast-forwards a young lady’s journey and kept me thoroughly interested and entertained.

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