Current Works-In-Progress


  • Burning Magnolia

    After his fiancee dumped him, Gabe decided red-headed women were more trouble than they were worth. He thought Maggie would be the exception to that rule, especially since she was not a true red-head. He was wrong.

  • Fly, Mockingbird

    When her boyfriend Kris suggested they go camping, Stephanie hadn’t realized his idea of “roughing it” was somewhere far enough from other people so that her cries of protest couldn’t be heard. She needed to get away from him, permanently.

  • The Price He Paid

    Dive into the world of live action role playing, multi-partner romancing, bottomless hating, and unconditional loving.

  • We Must Have Been Crazy

    Part memoir, part relationship advice and part emotional support, this book (co written with my husband) is about our journey together as we dealt with my bipolar disorder.


  • A green corset, jacket, and skirt outfit


  • My kitchen is nearly complete
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