NaPoWriMo #19 – It's all fun and games (until the world explodes)

It’s all fun and games

Civilization was on the brink
of Nuclear War.
In the non-Trivial Pursuit of
Blind Justice,
Diplomacy had failed.

With Spite and Malice,
The Trailer Park Gods
Had demanded a Witch Trial
For the most revered Munchkin,
Othello Bond.

His crime:
Feeding an Unexploded Cow
Frog Juice
Then giving it a Ticket To Ride
The Works
Without any Lunch Money
In case the cow got
Hungry on the trip.

Mr Bond was certainly a Star Munchkin.
Cults Across America
Were in a Quandary.
It was not a case of comparing
Apples to Apples.
They waited to see what would happen.

The Bell-bottomed Badasses
on the Mean Streets of Funk

Had several Ingenious defenses.

First they claimed the
Settlers of Catan had paid
The defendant Oodles of cash
To transport the cow to
The Warhamster Rally

When that failed to sway the judge,
They claimed the gods
Had a Monopoly on

Finally, the judge had heard enough
Of the Mad Gab,
And found the defendant guilty.
“Before I Kill You, Mr Bond…”
He said.

People took to the streets,
There was a new Risk to Life.
Some idiots were even Biting Off Headz
(In a figurative sense, of course)
Everything was in a state of Fluxx.
And then…



Yes, I own everyone of those… and a whole lot more.

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