NaPoWriMo #15 – hear me

Sometimes my body aches
to speak
the words my lips
dare not.

Sometimes my hand betrays
(it’s weak)
with fingertips

Sometimes I mouth a phrase
so nothing slips
for naught.

This one is in response to the challenge at

This was my original poem, for those who are curious, written in June 2001. There was a reason I wasn’t sharing my poetry back then…


Sometimes my body aches to speak
the words my mouth dares not.

Each caress of my lips against your cheek
means I care for you.

Each scratch of a nail along your bare arm
means I desire you.

Each gentle flicker of a tongue, tracing along neckline
means I wish to know you better.

Each moan
means don’t stop.

Each cry
means go further.

Each pull of you closer to me
means don’t go away.

Each look away
means I have so much I want to say.

But my mouth dares not utter the words.

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