NaPoWriMi #6 – purgatory

Her ice cold eyes watch warily
Ignore her at your peril
She’s not here voluntarily
The padded room is sterile.

Restraints, they hold securely
The demon may run wild.
Her parents named her poorly
No beloved god’s own child

Cautiously, she smiles at you.
Confusion fills her face.
“S’cuse me please, I need a clue.
Tell me. What is this place?”

“Well, you’re here for your own good.”
Safe response, not unfair.
“But friend, you misunderstood.
“I asked not why, but where.”

You can not ease the torments
Of madness or delusion.
“I am still sane” she represents
“Someone brooks confusion.

“It’s a mistake, I do repeat,
In here I won’t remain.
Unhook these, but be discrete.
Make it legerdemain.”

Watch out! Beware! Trickery,
The demon-cursed exploit
You are not an equerry
To perform a task adroit.

“I’m sorry, Miss, I am indeed,
But you must stay right here.”
She hisses then, and sprays a bead
Of spittle at your ear.

“A pox on ye, kin and kith,”
She cries, her voice much changed.
Focus now, finish forthwith
Your job; ignore deranged.

“I am Lilith, in the flesh
A lady nightmare reigns!
I destroyed Great Gilgamesh
And devoured his remains!”

Try not to see the hideous
Contortions of her face
Sickness is insidious,
To push such falls from grace.

Lock the door and walk from here
Join those who came before,
Don’t look back, don’t interfere,
You can not be her savior.

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