In Adoration

Do you even remember
When we first met?

You were strong, vibrant, so very full of life.
I could only watch
In amazement.

There was no place for me.

The rules were clear:
The door was barred and
The gate closed.

I was patient, my dearest, so very patient.

Do you even remember
Our first tentative declarations?

Shared transmissions of our mutual intentions for
Respect, friendship, and enlightenment.

I was not so naive,
To believe in fairy-tale happy endings,
At least, not for me.

I was unprepared for the
Awakening of something
Thought long lost within me
By you.

Do you even remember
The novelty you were?

We have both changed,
Grown, for the better I hope.
But we are not always the best
For each other, anymore.

I still love you,
But I can not always
Live with you, as you are.

Do you even remember
Your former Spirit?

Our long history magnifies
Our mutual metamorphosis’s.

Others weigh in,
Heavy handed with their opinions.
I accept their criticism with as much
Silence and Grace
As I can muster for
Your sake.

Do you even remember
Why anyone would care?

I am your creation still,
Even as you radiate
The remnants of my final strokes.

I will never truly leave you,
Though you will go on without me.

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One Response to In Adoration

  1. Anthony French says:

    Your words carry deep felt passion full of positive energy innertwined with sorrow. This is a very nice writting.